Green Accomodation

We often get requests to suggest eco, or green, lodging ideas. We are not in the accommodation business, however, it is our pleasure to promote businesses which strive to offer sustainable lodging options.

The reality in the Maltese Islands is that most farmers do not actually live on their farms, but usually they would have their home located in a village close by to their land. Therefore the traditional sense of an 'agritourism-accommodation', where one actually stays overnight on a farm, does not truly apply to our country. In fact, we are very strict about this (read a related article here) - we do not like to help promote businesses who seem to take advantage of the word 'agri', or 'rural' just for the sake of attracting responsible tourists.

On the other hand, even in our densely populated country, there are a number of entrepreneurs who are going the extra mile to offer quality services while respecting the environment and the local communities. 

The Maltese Islands are extremely small, so wherever you choose you will be within close driving distance to a farm attraction or local artisans.


Here are our top suggestions: